Spicy Pecans

Life needs a little zest now and then – and so do pecans. Our new spicy pecans are bringing new life to the party and we couldn’t be more pleased. These are spicy without overwhelming your taste buds, so even customers with more sensitive palates can enjoy. Roasted and salted to perfection, these pecan halves offer subtle hints of delicious seasonings including garlic powder, paprika, and cayenne pepper. 

The versatility of the flavor profile makes these pecans ideal for consumption year-round. Our staff loves incorporating these as a daily snack as well as offered as an appetizer for gatherings. This may steal the show on your charcuterie board, so we recommend keeping some stashed away for your own enjoyment. If you decide to display at your next event, we recommend pairing these with soft cheeses, pickles, olives, hummus, and whole wheat crackers. If you love flavored pecans, but are ready for something a little more savory, your new favorite treat is ready and waiting for you.

Savory pecan fans, don’t forget to try our toasted pecans – a customer favorite for decades!

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