Gifts from TVPC: Place One Order and Ship to Multiple Recipients

October 09, 2019

Gift message for individual recipients

Tennessee Valley Pecan Company is honored to play a central role in your gift-giving needs! To make your ordering process simple and efficient, we have implemented programs that should make your selection, checkout, and personalization process enjoyable. If you would like to send gifts to multiple recipients – even include gift messages for each – within one order, that functionality is available to you. Here is a quick guide so you can get started today.


Click on your shopping cart to start the checkout process. Check the box for “Ship to multiple addresses” above the item list.

Step 1 for gifting to multiple recipients

This will automatically direct you to a new page.

 Step 2 for gifting to multiple recipients

For each item, you can select how many of each item you would like to send to your recipient. If you have an online account with Tennessee Valley Pecan Company, you can select the drop-down menu of saved addresses and input addresses you may wish to revisit in the future. 

Step 3 for gifting to multiple recipients 

After selecting the address, add an optional gift message by clicking in one of the fields to the right of the address drop-down menu. This will generate a pop-up that allows you to include your “To,” “From,” and “Message” as you would like it to appear on the card.

Step 4 for gifting to multiple recipients

Click “Submit” to return to the item list. Complete the process for the remainder of your items. Follow the prompts at the bottom of the page to complete shipping and payment.

Shipping will be calculated based upon product details and address of your recipient. Taxes will be included if you are placing the order in Alabama. Out-of-state residents are not subject to sales tax.

Using GiftShip allows you to navigate this process with one order. No need to submit multiple orders to send your favorite goodies to friends and family. Please note that this function is only available if you plan to submit payment with a credit card, debit card, or PayPal. If shopping for a company who would prefer to receive an invoice, please contact Melanie Lorick at:, to complete your order manually. 


Your TVPC Team

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