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Shipping Policy

Shipping our chocolate-covered pecans can be a real challenge, especially here in the warm Tennessee Valley. Chocolate pecan varieties will soon be offered at special retail locations throughout the Southeast and throughout the year. Cool weather permitting, we will ship from October to May.

Under normal circumstances, orders placed before 2 p.m. Central, Tuesday through Friday, or 12 p.m. Saturday, ship the same day. Otherwise, most orders ship within two business days from date of order placement. Please allow more time during the fall holiday season due to high volume. 

Requested Shipping Date on Product Pages

The requested shipping dates on product pages serve as an estimate, not a guarantee for delivery on a specific day. Once the shipment leaves our premises, we cannot make a guarantee regarding a specific arrival date or time. Please note the shipping type (Priority, Priority Express, etc.) you select at checkout as this will also impact your package's movement. 

Tennessee Valley Pecan Company is not responsible for incorrect addresses provided to us. 

Please ensure your address(es) are up-to-date and correct at the time of checkout. We will work with you to make any corrections to an order before shipping, if you discover a mistake or change of address after the order is placed. However, once the order has shipped, we cannot make address corrections. 

If an order has shipped to the wrong address because we were provided with incorrect information, we will replace one order per calendar year with a merchandise value up to $40.00, only requiring a re-charge for shipping. This is also true if an item is returned to our store. In cases where an item is returned, a TVPC staff member will contact you as soon as possible. After one order per calendar year has been replaced, the customer is responsible for payment on any new merchandise and shipping charges. Food products are perishable, so cannot be restocked or reshipped. To learn more about the steps you can take to intercept a package with USPS, please visit this link

Delivery of Packages

Tennessee Valley Pecan Company is not responsible for delivery issues post-shipment. For those who provide us with an e-mail address or phone number that receives SMS (text) messages, you will be able to view the tracking information from the comfort of your home. If an item says it has been delivered, additional details will be provided via the USPS tracking website. 

If the package shows it has been delivered, but you or your gift recipient cannot find it, please contact the local post office to discuss the issue in greater detail. Sometimes, packages are hidden near a front porch or in an area out of view of the street to decrease the potential for theft. It is prudent to thoroughly search the property and check with your neighbors to determine if a package was left with them by mistake. If you still cannot locate your package, the local post office might be able to use GPS tracking to locate its specific coordinates. Though we sympathize with any issues regarding delivery problems, Tennessee Valley Pecan Company is no longer part of the delivery channel once it leaves our store. After it is en route, you will need to connect with USPS. 

Please note that Tennessee Valley Pecan Company is also not responsible for situations in which the item was undeliverable or the recipient refused the package. 

If an item is late (taking longer than average to reach a destination), you may contact USPS to request more information. Helpful information is available at this link Tennessee Valley Pecan Company automatically sends the customer tracking information regarding a package, but is not responsible for transit issues after it has left our facility.