Brand Ambassador Program

Tennessee Valley Pecan Company Brand Ambassador Program 

Tennessee Valley Pecan Company is excited to continue growing our presence around the world, spreading delicious Southern pecans, coffee, and gift sets that bring a little taste of the South to your kitchen! As we grow, our core focus is the launch of our brand ambassador program to work with those who enjoy good food and coffee, or simply love identifying new gifts for any occasion.  Our business is a small, family-run operation that was founded in 1942; therefore, we place an emphasis on customer service, being accessible to our customer base, and creating an inclusive community. Quality and friendliness is the cornerstone of our brand.   

Our Product Pillars

 Infographic of product pillars including raw and candied pecans, coffee, sweets, home goods and gift sets | Tennessee Valley Pecan Company

Platforms for Engagement

Ambassador Perks

Terms of Service

Content Categories

 Content Requirements

We aren’t here to dictate tons of terms – we want you to let your creativity shine! Here are just a few, simple requirements for each post:

  1. We must be tagged on each post.
  2. You agree to our use of your photographs/content to cross-promote on our channels (including our website and other advertising platforms), in perpetuity. We do provide attribution.
  3. Post branded content at least once per week.
  4. Hang out with us online – comment, like, or engage on any of our social channels at least once per week.
  5. Ensure that photos are high quality and posts are engaging. Since that looks different for everyone, we just ask that product be clearly represented, appetizing, and displayed clearly.
  6. Keep your accounts public during your term.
  7. Avoid abuse of the agreement. Items cannot be re-sold (although, if you have your own store, check out our wholesale portal!) and discount codes will only remain valid during each term.

What Makes us Unique

  1. Our pecans are gourmet – better than any you will find on the supermarket shelf. Quality is of the utmost importance to us.
  1. We offer a line of USDA-certified organic Elliott pecan halves that are buttery rich due to their high oil content.
  1. Bushytail Coffee flavors are as unique as the name – we are constantly adding more varieties to satisfy every palate. 
  1. TVPC offers a subscription service for our coffee and baking pecans (Mammoth halves, organic Elliott halves, large pecan pieces, and toasted pecans). Subscriptions are offered on a 30, 60, or 90-day rotation, provide 10% off each subscribed item, and can be customized to fit any schedule. It is also risk-free and can be canceled at any time. 
  1. We offer free gift messages for gift sets, complete with a wax seal that gives every gift a charming touch. 
  1. Our pies are handmade, ranging from your classic old-fashioned pecan pie to a boozy bourbon pecan pie.
  1. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee for our customers.
  1. Customers who accidentally ship to the wrong address are given a courtesy re-send with new product (one per customer, per year) in which they are only charged for the second shipping amount. 
  1. EVERY package we prepare is handled with the utmost care because we want everyone’s experience to be like getting a big wave and “hey y’all!” in the mail.

Ideal Candidates

Remember when your teacher touted “quality over quantity” when you desperately wanted to know many pages you needed to include in your term paper? Yeah, well, we don’t want to be annoying, but we believe that an engaged following is more important than the sheer number of followers. We welcome applications from nano and micro-influencers to more robust followings.

  1. Please have at least one public Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or blog account in which you post at least once a week, at minimum.
  1. In the application, please provide some details about your presence online:                                                                                                    
    1. If you have a specific posting schedule you follow
    2. Your preferred social platforms
    3. Any other metrics you feel make you a great fit for an ambassador program

Complete the form below and one of our staff members will be in touch with you! 



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