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Calling All Coffee Lovers

April 26, 2019

Bushytail Coffees subscription service

Subscribe & Save

We get it. Our Bushytail Coffees are good that we've heard your requests and are now proud to launch our coffee subscription service! Just click on the "Subscribe & Save" button when selecting your favorite flavor and get a 10% discount. 

Benefits to the coffee subscription service:

  • Our delicious Bushytail coffee arrives monthly, without the need to re-order
  • Set your own delivery dates
  • Modify or cancel your subscription at any time (no obligation)
  • Receive alerts when a delivery is en route to you
  • Great gift idea for those in your life who love exploring new coffee flavors
Our most popular flavor - and the one that has instigated the subscription service - is Southern Pecan. If you prefer a house blend, or other (sweeter) flavors, check out the current options at this link
If you are in Decatur, Alabama, or visiting North Alabama, stop by and try our new Bushytail Iced Coffee! We are gearing up for 90+ degree days and almost-as-hot summer nights. Let us help you beat the heat! 
Just look at those gorgeous swirls...#bushytailicedcoffee
Stay tuned for more coffee news - we've got quite a bit "in the works!" Cheers. 

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