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Organic Elliott Pecan Halves

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Smaller kernel, bigger taste

Love organic foods? These USDA Certified Organic pecans are the newest exciting addition to our pecan family and your next favorite nut. Elliott halves are smaller than Mammoth, but they pack quite a bit of flavor into their smaller kernel. This burst of flavor makes for a wonderful snacking opportunity and delightfully compliments any dish. 

What makes a pecan organic? 

Elliott pecans are ideal for organic cultivation because they are more resistant to disease that can harm pecan groves. Though pecans do grow in a shell, not all are considered organic. To receive organic certification, farms must meet strict standards regarding soil management, pest control, and more. In fact, the official USDA certification is only granted after several years of meeting these standards. Tennessee Valley Pecan Company only settles for the very best quality and these exceeded our expectations. 

We believe organic pecans are going to have your taste buds on cloud nine.

Available sizes (listed in order of weight):

Size Container SKU
2 ounces Clear snack pack bag 43
8 ounces (1/2 pound) Resealable Kraft paper bag 343
16 ounces (1 pound)
Resealable clear bag 347
20 ounces (1/4 gallon) Resealable white tub 344
32 ounces (2 pounds) Resealable clear bag 348
5/8 gallon Resealable white tub 345
1 gallon Resealable white tub 346

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