Wedding Favors


Wedding favors play a vital role in making your special day as unique as the two of you. Thanking your guests for investing time and money to share this moment is an important gesture, and we are here to help! We all know that making a good first impression is ideal (thanks, Mom), but the final moments of an event also leave guests with a taste of your style, energy, and desire to connect with those close to you. Gifts from Tennessee Valley Pecan Company help you strike the right tone (or, in this case, flavor) by providing favors that are tasty, versatile, and uniquely Southern. 

Why Pecans?

Weddings are fun, but can be exhausting. Pecans provide a little boost at the end of the event that will satiate hungry guests with a tasty treat. With flavors that will please any palate, you can select options that are savory OR sweet. Candy coatings also provide an aesthetic that compliment your wedding theme and the favor packaging of your choice. Envision white chocolate pecans in a Tiffany-blue favor box. Now, that’s special.

When it comes to a sincere “thank you,” Southern gifts always hit the right tone. Though pecans can’t be grown everywhere, we will make sure you can enjoy their delightful vibe no matter where you are in the country. Dress them up for the most elegant event, or incorporate them into a more rustic wedding motif. Either way, your guests will be thrilled to have a taste of the American South to enjoy. 

 How Can We Help?

Our team can help you personalize your favors, so they arrive packaged and ready for display. Or, place an order in bulk and spend quality time packaging them with your wedding party. We will work with you to determine the best pricing options, quantity, and more.

E-mail Melanie Lorick at: to learn more about our wedding favors and how our pecans can elevate your big moment!