The Perfect Pecan Pie

March 14, 2019

The Perfect Pecan Pie

Just like few things are more American than apple pie, few desserts symbolize Thanksgiving more than pecan pie. Yes, there is still room at the table for pumpkin pie lovers, but the glossy look of glazed pecans serving as a tasty layer to the gooey goodness underneath is just too good to not give it first place.

A few favorite pecan pie recipes for you...

What is even more beautiful about pecan pie is that so many recipe variations exist, you can truly pick one that matches your mood. Feeling the pressure of relatives joining the feast this year? Try adding some bourbon in this Favorite Bourbon Pecan Pie recipe from Allrecipes. Looking for a gluten-free option to make sure everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the celebration? We recommend Gluten-Free Vegan Pecan Pie from Rhian’s Recipes. If you are new to the pecan pie game, however, you cannot go wrong with the Karo Classic Pecan Pie recipe. Simple can equal sweet perfection.

Tips to make that make your pecan pie particularly perfect

Regardless of what classic recipe you select, here are a few tips to ensure your pecan pie wins the blue ribbon from your loved ones this year:

  1. Refrigerate your pecans after purchase to maintain freshness.
  2. Arrange the top layer of pecans in a pattern to make it just as delicious for the eyes.
  3. Check the pie as it bakes – don’t hesitate to add a loose ring of aluminum foil around the crust to prevent the edges from getting too dry.
  4. Create a greater depth of pecan flavor by toasting the pecans for a few minutes on the stove. Just add plain pecan halves to a skillet and toast them for a few minutes over medium heat, turning once.
  5. Pair with fresh whipped cream or ice cream – feel free to go with classic flavors like vanilla, but you can also add a light, complimentary flavor like cinnamon ice cream.

Whether you are a novice on the baking scene, or someone who could bake in your sleep (not recommended), we hope you find these recipes provide some inspiration for your holiday festivities this year. If you decide that recipes just aren't hitting the mark with your busy schedule, we would be happy to take care of the work for you. Head over to our website and check out our delicious TVPC pecan pies that can arrive right at your front door. We will toast our dessert forks to that!

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