Pecan Storage 101

March 14, 2019

Pecan Storage 101

Proper Pecan Storage for Freshness

The concept of storing pecans may be a foreign concept to you because surely you are like us and eat them all in one sitting. Just kidding…maybe. If you must make them last another day, though, please follow a few simple steps to keep them as fresh as the day you brought them home.

  • Go ahead and sneak one. Immediately sample the batch to make sure you are satisfied with the freshness before storing them. This gives you a baseline for taste when you return to them later. Since taking a sample breaks the seal on the container, you will want to make sure their future home is in an airtight option.
  • Shelled pecans should be stored in the refrigerator between uses. Expect the nuts to last up to six months.
  • Need a little more time? Shelled pecans can be frozen for approximately one year – some have experienced success with a 2-year stint in the freezer. Of course, it is essential that you keep the nuts in a high-quality freezer bag or container (no frostbite allowed!). Keeping moisture at bay is critical to pecan storage, both in the fridge and in the freezer.
  • Pecans don’t play well with others…when being stored, of course. Come to think of it, only a few foods should be kept in tight quarters out of their containers. If allowed to mix and mingle with other foods, pecans will start adopting the flavors of other foods.
  • Candied pecans don’t need to be frozen – be sure to keep them in the refrigerator to maximize their freshness. Some varieties, like honey roasted pecans, may clump together when first pulled from the cold of the refrigerator. Be prepared to gently break them apart, if needed.

TVPC pecans should be enjoyed year-round and we hope these tips will allow you to enjoy the best pecans far into the future! Or, come join us for an eat-all-at-once party. You are always welcome.

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