Best Brew: Get Creative With Your Coffee

May 27, 2020

Best Brew: Get Creative With Your Coffee

Coffee Tips for Your Best Brew Yet

You are in Control 

And, no, we don't mean that your coffee control begins and ends with the beans or grind that you like. Of course, that does play a big role in the outcome of your coffee. What we are discussing, though, is how you can tweak your brew to make it just right. A little pinch of a spice here, a little addition of salt there and - *voila* - you will feel like an award-winning barista from the comfort of your kitchen. These coffee tips make great party tricks, too. As in, whip these out at your next gathering and watch everyone go back for cup after cup. 

Want a hint of flavor without committing to purchasing flavored coffee? 

Classic, subtle flavoring can be achieved with cinnamon and vanilla extract, unless you want to get really wild with some other essential oils or flavor extracts of your choosing. Start with your regular roast (non-flavored) and insert 1/2 to one full cinnamon stick in the basket of coffee grounds before brewing. You are welcome to sprinkle ground cinnamon in the grounds, but cinnamon is not water-soluble, so it will slightly increase the time and effort it takes to make your pot of coffee. Sprinkle just a touch of cinnamon on top of your grounds if using a reusable pod. 

What about a hint of sweetness without added sugars?

That's where the vanilla extract comes in handy. Vanilla adds just enough sweet notes and flavor to dishes (coffee included) that satisfy our taste buds and make a cup o' joe taste extra special. It also smells great while brewing, too. Simply add 1/4 to 1/2 tsp. of vanilla extract OR scrape the contents of one vanilla bean pod into your coffee grounds before brewing. 

How do I neutralize bitterness? 

If you've found yourself with coffee beans or a drip grind that is a little too bitter for your palate, that's ok. All you need to do is add about 1/4 tsp. kosher salt per 6 tablespoons coffee grounds before brewing to neutralize bitter notes and make the java a little more smooth. 

What if I'm craving a little chocolate with my coffee? 

Here's where we get a little culinary and you might need to plan ahead a little. Keep some cocoa beans on hand and invest in some whole bean coffee, if you can. Grind cocoa beans and coffee beans together (or add ground cocoa beans to your coffee grounds and combine thoroughly) before brewing. This will add chocolate flavor that is robust enough to survive the brewing process and satisfy that chocolate craving. 

Of course, if you are looking for a perfect gourmet coffee or delightfully flavored java, Bushytail Coffees are here to help. Check out our varieties here and let us know which tips and tricks you are most excited to try! 

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