Southern Charm Gift Basket

The Tennessee Valley Pecan Company's "Southern Charm" gift basket is lovingly packaged with an 8-oz. bag of our milk chocolate pecans (premium milk chocolate if purchased in-store), 1/2 lb. of our delicious Bushytail Southern Pecan Coffee, 1.2-oz. bag of Piper & Leaf's Loose Leaf Sassyfrass Strawberry Green Tea, and 2 pecan snack packs (honey-glazed and praline crunch). Taste buds will thank you - and demand more! Nestled in a decorative market tray, the base can be repurposed to add a hint of farmhouse décor to your next tablescape!

Note: If you would like to request different pecan flavors, simply send an e-mail to: We love customizing baskets! 

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