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Soberdough Cornbread & Ale Mix

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Few foods capture the flavor of the American South quite like cornbread. Every family has their secret recipe, passed down generation after generation. Some love adding herbs, others topping with honey instead of butter - the variations are endless. What makes this Soberdough Cornbread and Ale mix extra special is that it adds a delicate twist to a Southern standard. Add your favorite brew to the mix (or substitute club soda or sparkling water) and you will have a delicious, fluffy batch of cornbread ready for your next meal. This cornbread has a dash of sweetness, making it the perfect side for a delicious roast, chili, and much more. 

As a fun alternative, divide the mix in a 12-count muffin tin and create a little cornbread muffin for each person at your dinner table. Ideal for gatherings and BBQs! 

Bread mix does not contain alcohol.  

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