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Baker's Box

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A gift set fit for bakers of any skill level - and one that will have everyone's mouth watering! Highlighting one of the most classic Southern staples - rich cornbread -  Tennessee Valley Pecan Company's Baking Box is a gift that is tasty, simple, and given from the heart. 

Putting a fun, new twist on a classic theme, Soberdough Cornbread Mix lets you add beer (or sparkling water/club soda for those avoiding alcohol) to give it an extra special "yum factor." Paired with our tulip baking cups, your cornbread muffins will look trendy and ready for your next gathering. 

Don't forget to select your favorite pecan flavors for both snack packs. Our favorites for this gift set include, plain halves (Mammoth or Organic Elliott), honey-glazed, or toasted pecans. 


(1) Soberdough bread mix

(2) 12-ct. brown tulip baking cups

(3) 2 pecan snack packs (2-oz. each), flavors of your choice

Pro tip: If you are a honey fan, drizzle a little honey on top of the finished product and add a few toasted or plain pecans for a nutty kick. Or, let a little butter melt on top and sprinkle some honey-glazed pecans to add a honey-butter flavor profile. 

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