Easy Pecan Pesto

September 10, 2020

Easy Pecan Pesto

Pecan Pesto 

Fresh pesto is SO much better than the store-bought version. And, pesto made with tender pecan halves is the new, popular kid on the block. Though pesto is traditionally made with pine nuts (and those are delicious, too!), you can make a fresh batch at home with a variety of nuts. Due to their high oil content, pecans make an excellent option. 

individual ingredients for pecan pesto | Tennessee Valley Pecan Company

Tips for the perfect pecan pesto 

  • Briefly toast the pecans to unlock their flavor 
  • Use an EVOO that you like - one that is delicate and carries no off-flavors
  • Be sure to discard the stems of the fresh basil you are using
  • Don't over-pulse the grated Parmesan cheese when you add it to the food processor. The grated cheese should be incorporated without pulverizing. 
  • If you enjoy a rich, complex flavor, give our Organic Elliott halves a try! 

Pecan Pesto Recipe Card

pecan pesto recipe card | Tennessee Valley Pecan Company 


Entertainer's Tip

Serve in a mortar and pestle bowl to give the pesto an authentic feel. Perfect for a "Make Your Own Pasta Bowl Night" with both tomato-based and pesto sauces and lots of fun toppings. Few things beat the vibrant green color of a fresh pesto.

Have you ever made your own pesto at home? If you give this a try, be sure to tag us with the finished result, so we can share in the process! 

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